Today Wordle Answer (Monday, 26th September 2022): Here is the Solution of Wordle #370

Today Wordle Answer: Games are a massive part of everyone’s childhood. We all have a child inside us who craves different games from time to time.

It isn’t easy for working adults or those going to college to spare time for outdoor games. But games are essential for them too as it provides relaxation and recreation at the same time. You must have come across the name of the popular game called Today Wordle Answer. And to find out more about the same, nothing could be better than reading this blog as it completely explains the entire procedure to play the game, collect hints and win it!

Hence, games in the form of puzzles are a great form of diversion from work simultaneously; they provide fun and relaxation.

The tweets like Today Wordle Answer have been all over Twitter for five months. You must be wondering, what is this Wordle? Why is the whole world curious about the Wordle answer?

Well, my friend, you have landed in the correct place as you will know everything about Wordle and Today Wordle Answer for Monday, 26th September 2022 in this article.

Today Wordle Answer

Find out Today Wordle Answer here!

Players keep on looking for “Today Wordle Answer” for Monday, 26th September 2022, the answer is “SMITE“, which means to “strike with a firm blow.”

You must have come across this word in your daily life, and the meaning of this word is a piece of stitched cloth designed which is tied at the back and in a way to wear comfortably while cooking, which ultimately protects your garments from stain.  The Nytimes Wordle Game is surely a brainstorming game, which would leave you awe-struck with its surprise elements and fun factor.

Past Week Wordle Answer

In case you missed yesterday’s Wordle 369 (June 23), the Wordle word of the day was AWFUL, and the Wordle word of the day for June 21 was GLOAT. INPUT was the word of the day on June 20, and LOSER was the word of the day on Wordle 365. Prior to that, the Wordle word of the day on June 18 was CACAO. BLOWN was the word of the day on June 17th. Wordle 362’s Wordle word of the day was APRON, and Wordle 361’s Wordle word of the day was PRIMO.

What is Wordle?

Wordle is an online puzzle game. The New York Times launched the Wordle game in February. Since then, people have been going gaga over the new word puzzle game.

In a very short period, the NY Times Wordle has grown a massive fan base with the puzzle game tweets all over the internet.

It is a free word puzzle game. The users can access the game on the New York Times Games Site.

The objective of the game is to guess a five-letter word. There are six attempts given to each user to identify the word. And to gather more information about the same, you can simply check out the NY Times Wordle, which is exceptionally admired these days in terms of knowledge and fun.

Every user can play one puzzle daily and share their puzzle on social media without giving out spoilers.

The game has no disturbances for the users in the form of ads, which is a convenient feature for many players.

It is a fun, entertaining, and engaging game. The beauty of Wordle NY is that anyone can play this game; there is no age limit or gender bias.

The word game puzzle resets itself every midnight in the user’s time zone. Hence, the user gets to take up a fresh and new word challenge every day.

History of Wordle

The popularity of the Wordle game has increased the curiosity of the people. Everyone wants to know the origin of the word puzzle game. Josh Wordle designed and developed the Wordle game for his partner Palak Shah.

Palak Shah is highly keen on solving puzzles, inspiring Josh Wordle to develop the game. The game initially belonged to the Wordle Website. After the game’s development, Palak Shah and Josh Wordle USD played it daily and loved it.

In October 2021, the game was out to the public. By 1st November 2021, Wordleonly had 90 players. Surprisingly, by 2nd January 2022, the game had more than 300000 players.

The New York Times had bought the game in February 2022, after which the game was called Wordle New York Times.

Josh Wordle and Palak Shah submitted 2500 words to the game till now. It allows the users to enjoy this game for roughly seven years without any intervention.

What are the Rules of the Wordle Game?

The current trending Wordle game has strict rules that every user must follow. They are,

  • The game has daily puzzles for its users.
  • The game allows the users to solve one puzzle daily.
  • One puzzle requires the users to find out one word each day.
  • The user can have six attempts to identify the one five-letter word in the puzzle.
  • The 5 letter words added by the users should not be plural.
  • Each time the user adds a word, the wrong letters will turn gray.
  • The correct letters with wrong placements will have their boxes colored yellow.
  • The correct letter in the proper placement will change the box’s color to green.
  • The above will give a rough idea about the alphabet and its placement in the boxes.
  • The users can use an alphabet more than once in the word boxes.

The Nytimes Wordle is famous now; hence the game saves the records of their users to provide them their winning streak results.

Tips and Tricks of the Wordle Game.

As we all know, winning any game requires a proper strategy, implementation, and execution. This rule applies from the most trivial games to the most complicated ones. To play and win this complicated yet entertaining game, you should surely have a vast knowledge of Wordle Archive.

Similarly, some tips and tricks for the trending Wordle game will help you crack the word puzzle faster.

The tips and tricks of the word puzzle game are,

  • There are six attempts given to each user. The user must use each attempt to find the correct alphabet in the five-letter code.
  • Every word the user enters must belong to the Wordle Archive. There are more than 10,000 words in the archive, of which only 2309 are specific answers to the puzzle.
  • The first attempt you make must be a word with common letters, especially the vowels. Consider a word with two vowels for your first chance on Wordle.


  • The user must include a word with an ‘S’ letter and vowels for your first-word choice is also better.
  • The result from your first attempt will help you choose the letters for your second attempt.
  • For the second word, choose the words with common letters. It would be best to avoid words with rare letters like Q, V, X, Y, Z, etc.
  • After choosing and entering the second word, the user will have a fair idea about the eliminated alphabets, the correctly placed alphabets, and the alphabets that are there but placed incorrectly.
  • The user will now have three more attempts to get the word right. They will now start getting to understand the word and use their attempts accordingly.
  • Remember, the first two attempts are the most crucial in this game and are the decider of your puzzle word.
  • The user must use the first five attempts in the Wordle Unlimited game to gather the hints for their final puzzle word.

FAQs Related to “Today Wordle Answer”

Q. Does Wordle have a separate application on Playstore?

No, the Wordle game has no separate application. The users can access the game through the New York Times Games Website.
Anyone can access the above site and play the Wordle Game. It is free of cost.

Q. How many words do we have to find in the Wordle Game?

The Wordle Game is about identifying a single word.
The game allows you to have six attempts to find a five-letter word.
The game doesn’t give you any clue initially; you must gather the clues and reach the final answer.

Q. Can we share our game results online?

Yes, you can share your game results on your social media handle.
By doing this, you will not give any spoilers to your friends.

Q. Do we reveal the puzzle answer if we share it on social media?

No, you do not give any spoilers by sharing your results on social media.
It is because your answers will be in yellow, gray, and green colors, which will reveal the progress of your game and not your answer.

Q. What do the green, yellow and gray color boxes in the Wordle game indicate?

The Gray Color box indicates that the letter you have put is wrong.
The Yellow Color box indicates that the letter you entered is correct but has a wrong placement.
The Green Color box indicates that the letter you entered is proper and has the correct placement.

Today Wordle Answer: Quick Explaination

Must Read


The Word Puzzle game has become a sensation over the past few months. Most people are eager to crack the word game. People are continuously posting their game results on their social media pages.

Sometimes the most trivial things give the most joy in life. It is so fun to see people worldwide waiting for Today Wordle Answer.

The Wordle game has given a great pass time to people continuously slogging for 8-10 hours in their offices. It is also an excellent stress-buster for college students, working professionals, and retired people.

The New York Times’ game site has gained immense popularity and traffic since the introduction of Wordle to its games arena.

The internet has many puzzle games and numerous replicas of the Wordle game; one of them is Quordle. You will find the original Wordle on the New York Times games website, so ensure to check out the original version of the game.

The Wordle game does not have a separate application. Users must access the game only through the New York Times games website.

Come on, peeps, go out there and play the game and compete with the whole world. It will be a fun and entertaining game for everyone. Brace yourself, and check out the Today Wordle Answer, given above!

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