What are the best casual games for Android to play in 2022?

Casual games allow one to have enjoyment and fun at the same time. Unlike other intense games, casual games are fun, light-hearted games made for happy-go-lucky people who want to kill their time over a cup of hot chocolate or while snuggling inside the blankets. Whether you are an eighty-year-old granny or a thirty-year-old adult trying to escape the world, then casual games are where you would find solace.

casual games for android

Best casual Android games to play in 2022

The Internet is brimming with some of the best casual games to play in 2022. Here are the top games that one should play in 2022 to get maximum enjoyment and chill after a tiring day.


A light-hearted board game for every age, Carrom is an exciting indoor game that can be played at every function and occasion. Whether there is a marriage function in your house or your brother’s Bachelor party, there’s always a good time to play Carrom over cold drinks and lots of chips and nuggets. Moreover, the online Carrom game has diversified your options to enjoy the game with your long-distance cousins and friends. Apart from bringing a rush of nostalgic memories, online Carrom has imbibed multiple gaming modes in our lives to choose from and enjoy the game. The game can be played in a freestyle and traditional way. The easy-to-use interface makes smooth playing possible, and you can even try to stay on top of the scoreboard to maximize your chances of getting hefty rewards and cash prizes. Gaming platforms like MPL allow you to compete with other players online and have a gala time while learning new skills and techniques.


An online multiplayer fun board game, Ludo is another exciting game that brings people closer and fills their lives with unpredictable twists and suspense. Fit for people of all age groups, you can download Ludo game to play over a hot mug of coffee or enjoy your tea time. The online Ludo game allows six players to play together and have maximum enjoyment. Ludo is widely popular due to the simplicity of its rules. Ludo requires strategizing and concentration to ensure your place in the game.

Moreover, it would help if you were alert of your opponent’s moves and strategies. Online Ludo even allows you to connect with people from different places and play with them anytime that you want. Even more, you can collect free coins and other rewards every time you defeat your opponent. Online Ludo also allows you to choose a theme of your own choice and experience Ludo in a whole different format. Ludo made a breakthrough during the COVID-19, and since then, people aren’t able to get over the hang of it. Ludo is the best option to kill your time and enhance your cognitive skills. Moreover, this game also improves your observation skills.

8 Ball Pool

There is a tremendous craze for online and offline 8 Ball Pool in India. A famous game, 8 Ball Pool, has emerged as a significant profession worldwide. The pros are that it is one of the most exciting games that one can play as single or doubles. The game is played with cue sticks, 15 object balls, one cue ball, the black ball, and 16 other balls. Compared to Billiards and Snooker, the game is played by most people and doesn’t require any particular skills to ace the game. The player that wins the maximum number of matches is declared the winner. All you need to do is pocket most of the balls and the black ball to defeat your opponent. Many platforms arrange tournaments to showcase your talent and win exciting rewards.

Monster Truck

Monster Truck is another best casual game that involves lots of adventures and thrill for all racing game fans. Driving on a hilly tavern is one of the best things for every truck racing lover, and this game satisfies all your fascinating points. One of the best parts of the game is to see the truck flying in the air while you have the control in your hand and get to perform stunts that are otherwise out of the boundary line. If you are into road racing games, then Monster truck is bound to fascinate you and will pique your interest. Moreover, you can play it online and earn real cash prizes and flaunt your score to your friends. The game is easy to play and is fun to enhance your driving skills.

Runner No. 1

An endless 3D running game with exciting possibilities, Runner No. 1 lets the players unveil different places and terrains while running. The game demands utmost concentration, and the player has to cross various hurdles and must ensure not collide with any obstacle to maintain their scoreboard. The player has to climb cliffs, jump across obstacles, dodge pillars, and a lot more. Moreover, they have to face a bear after your life and collect gold coins in the middle. With a lot of running, collecting gold coins, using power-ups, avoiding hurdles, and avoiding the bear to save your life, the game is exciting and thrilling at the same time.

Data Wing

Data Wing is another fun-filled game that ensures maximum enjoyment, Data Wing, is free to download and has a neon touch, making it further interesting for the users. The soundtrack enhances the gaming experience, and for die-hard racing lovers, the game is full of exciting possibilities. Moreover, the game also allows you to ferry data bits while you pilot a triangle around a track and collect coins and other exciting rewards. The smooth controls make the game more interesting and give the player complete control over their character.

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These are some of the best casual games that you can check out every time you want to clear your mind and escape the world of stress. These casual games would help you de-stress yourself and have a great time after a tiring day at work or after facing some significant issues.

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